McFadin, McFadden, McFaddin Family in McDonough County, Illinois

1830 Mar 1  – Elias McFadden appeared before the county commissioners because his property was taxed as being in both Kentucky and in Schuyler County, Illinois for the year 1829.  Circuit Court Record Book.

1831 Mar 12 – N.A. McFadden pays $3.75 on Jesse Bartlett of Vandalia, Illinois for the 1830 Taxes Due of $1.82 for 160 acres, the NE 1/4 of Sec 1. T1S R5W.  S. C. Berry, auditor.  McDonough County, Illinois Deed Book A, page 19.

1831 Mar 12 – N. A. McFadden pays $3.50 on Jesse Bartlett for 1829 taxes due of $1.20 for SE 1/r of Sec. 10 of T2N R1W. McDonough County, Illinois Deed Book A, page 20.

1831 May 6 – Elias McFadden of McDonough County pays $100 to Alfred W. Cavalry of Greene County, Illinois for a quitclaim deed to the SE 1/4 of Sec. 1 in T5N R3W (Chalmers Twp).  McDonough County, Illinois Deed Book A, page 11.

1831 June 21 to July 2 – Black Hawk War service: Capt. John Henry’s Company of 1st Regiment Mounted Volunteers; discharged Rock Island, distance of 170 miles from company rendezvous.  Privates Elias H. McFadden and John McFadden from McDonough County. (Whitney (1970) p. 63).   Whitney also notes that Elias H. McFadden and Michael Stinson were omitted in the 1878 McDonough County history’s list of volunteers

1832  May 19 – Black Hawk War service: Capt. Moses G. Wilson’s Company, 4th Regiment. Enlisted at Rushville, Illinois. Mustered out of service at the mouth of Fox river, May 28, 1832; distant 220 miles from place of enrollment. Private John McFadden appointed 3rd Sergeant. Whitney (1970), p. 175

1833 June – J. M. Campbell v. Elias McFadden, appeal, continued to next term. McDonough County Circuit Court, p. 48

1834 Apr 15 – James M. Campbell v. Elias H. McFadden. Appeal of a ruling by justice of the peace. In favor of defendant, reversing the order of the j. p. McDonough County Circuit Court, p. 55

1834 Apr 17 – Elias McFadden sues John Wilson for trespass. In a separate case, Elias McFadin sues George W. Head for trespass. Venue for both was changed to Hancock County. McDonough County Circuit Court. p. 61

1834 Apr 19 – Elias McFadin vs. James M. Campbell. Appeal from trial of this right of property.  Campbell’s atty moved to dismiss. Court overruled, court finds for defendant, including costs. McDonough County Circuit Court, p. 74

1834 May 24: Pre-emption Claims. An advertisement from the Quincy Land Office, under date of April 1, 1834, announces that the Register and Receiver of that Office “are now prepared to enter and receive payment on the pre-emption claims of the following named persons, proven under the act of 5th April, 1832. (A lengthy list, perhaps 150 names, including these who may be in McDonough County)…..William Hinton, …….., Elias McFadon, John Wilson, William Willis, John B. Bacon, William Edmonson, William Pringle, Andrew & George Gibson, James Martin, William McCoy, Samuel McGhee, Daniel Campbell….  Sangamo Journal, Springfield, Illinois, page 3, col. 2.

1834 Sept 2 & 3 – People v. Elias H. McFadden, recognition of bastardy. Elias did not appear in court. Next day in court, complaintant is named as Elizabeth Jane O’Neal.  O. H. Browning for the People v. Elias H. McFadin, George Miller, and David McFadin. Defendant George Miller entered appearance here and by his attorney moved to dismiss; court dismissed and quashed the recognizance. [Were George Miller and David McFadin named to bring Elias to the proceedings?] McDonough County Circuit Court Records, pp. 83 & 86.

1834 Sept 5 – Elias McFadden v. James M. Campbell. Appeal.

1834 Nov 15 – Elias McFadden and Sally McFadden, his wife, of McDonough County, Illinois, by their marks, for $1,000 paid by W. A. Minshall of Schuyler County, Illinois in the presence of John A. Chenoweth and Daniel Campbell for E 1/2 of SW 1/4 Sec 1 T5N R3W and SE 1/4 of Sec 1 T5N R3W 160 acres. McDonough County, Illinois Deed Book A, page 334.


Whitney, E. M., & Illinois State Historical Library. (1970). The Black Hawk War, 1831-1832. Springfield: Illinois State Historical Library.

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