Wilson, Rev. Samuel

1797 – born Rockbridge, Virginia, the eldest of three sons and first born.

1800 – moved to Kentucky

classics student at Columbia, Adair Co, KY and Greensburg, Green Co, Kentucky

1825 – may have visited the Ebenezer Presbyterian congregation in Green County, Kentucky with John Howe

1827 – married Sarah McCroskey, dau of James & Sarah (Walker) McCroskey; many of Sarah’s aunts and uncles from the Walker & McCroskey families moved to Schuyler and McDonough Counties in Illinois in the 1830s.

1829 – 3 Apr. birth of dau Elvira Jane in Kentucky
1831 – approx birth of dau Susan E. in Kentucky

1832 – approx birth of son John M. Wilson in Kentucky
1832 – Aug 9. Resident of Adair County Kentucky; affidavit for Levi Conover and Charles Moore Rev. War service.

1836 – emigrated from Kentucky to Rushville, Illinois
1836 – May. stated supply at Rushville church. Building erected in Oct;
1836 – organized Old School Presby church at Huntsville w/Rev. James Chase

1837 – Apr. declined non-unanimous call from Rushville church, continued as stated supply
1837 – organized the first Old School Presbyterian church in Iowa Territory at West Point, Lee County, Iowa with Rev. L. G. Bell. Members of this church were related to Samuel’s wife Sarah.

1838 – 17 May.  Attended General Assembly in Philadelphia on behalf of Schuyler Presbytery.
1838 – 27 Nov. Birth of 3rd son Major Samuel James Wilson at Rushville, IL
1838 – Left Rushville as the Presbyterians split into Old & New Schools; Wilson was Old School and thought his resignation would prevent the split, but it did not.

1839 – May 25. With Rev. W. K. Stewart, organized Camp Creek Presbyterian in the barn of Joseph McCroskey, who was his wife’s uncle.
1839 – Oct. moved to Monmouth as pastor of Monmouth Presbyterian and Fall Creek Presbyterian churches.

1840 – Organized under the Schuyler Presbytery, the First Presbyterian Church at Oquawka, IL w/Rev. George Stebbins

1847 – Aug 15. died in Monmouth, Rev. Samuel Wilson, Pastor of Presbyterian Church, aged 53 years.


1849 -Sept 20. Married near Monmouth by Rev. Wm. K. Stewart of Macomb, Mr. Wilson M. Graham of Qquwaka to Miss E. J. Wilson of Rushville. [Elvira Jane Wilson was the dau of Rev. Samuel & Sarah Wilson]

1850 – Census Rushville, Schuyler County, Illinois. Wife Sarah and children Susan E. (age 19), John M. (age 18) and Samuel J. Wilson (age 11), and William A. McIntyre (age 23).

1852 – May 17. Marriage in Schuyler County, IL of dau Susan to William McIntyre.

1870 – Wife Sarah living w/dau Elvira at Oquawka, IL.

1878 – Wife Sarah died.


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