1863 – 1869: Nesbitt, Rev. John Harvey

1834: Aug 20. born Indiana County, PA. Parents were probably Samuel Nesbitt and Jane McConaughy. He was on farm owned by his only brother in 1888 (Samuel, Jr.) that had been in family for 4 generations.
primary education at Elder’s Ridge Saltsburg Academy, Indiana County, PA, engaged in farming & teaching
1856: began at Jefferson College, PA
1858: A.B. from Jefferson College, PA
1860: April 11. Licensed to preach by Presbytery of Chicago
1861: graduate of predecessor of McCormick Theological Seminary, Chicago
1861: Sept 25. Ordained an Evangelist, Presbytery of Chicago
1861 – 1864: Evangelist, Home Missionary, and Stated Supply at Oswego, Illinois
1863: Oct 29 to Macomb, Illinois
1864: May 25. married in Macomb, Illinois to Agnes R. Ross of Rockford, Illinois
1866: July 7. son George Arthur Nesbitt born in Macomb, Illinois (another child died in infancy)
1869: Nov. Left Macomb to be pastor at Frankfort, KY
1876: June. Left Frankfort because of poor health of his son
1876 -1878: rested due to poor health
1878:  accepted pastorate at Mingo, Washington County, PA
1881: Oct. Accepted call to Pastor, Owensboro, Ky
1886: Apr. Left Owensboro, KY
1886-1892: Pastor, Oxford, Ohio
1892-1896: Stated Supply, Prairie City, Illinois
1892. Oct 6. Death in Chicago of son Rev. George Arthur Nesbitt who graduated from McCormick in 1892 and took pastorate in Appleton, Wisconsin. John Harvey authored the Memoir of Rev. George A. Nesbitt
1897: Evangelist, Rockford Illinois
1907: Feb. 5. Died at Rockford, Illinois


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