Work, Alanson

1790 – born 30 Aug in Connecticut, son of Alexander Work
1802 – family moved to Williamstown, Vermont, where he learned carpentry and gun stocking
1825 – married Aurelia Forbes and settled in East Hartford, CT
1832 – Oct 1. son Henry Clay Work born in Connecticut
1835 – moved to Plymouth, Hancock County, Illinois
– moved to Mission Institute near Quincy, Adams County, Illinois to educate his children
1837 – Oct. Attended Anti-slavery convention in the Upper Alton Presbyterian Church, Alton, Illinois (as did George Thompson) which preceded the killing of Elijah Lovejoy in November
1841 – July 1. arrested in Missouri for abolitionist activities, along with 2 ministers James E. Burr and George Thompson
trial in Palmyra, Missouri
1841 – Sept. Sentenced in Marion County, Missouri to 12 years in penitentiary at Jefferson City, Missouri
1845 – released by Governor John C. Edwards after 3 years, 7 months & 6 days with the agreement that Work would return to Connecticut (Burr and Thompson were pardoned within two years)
1846 – moved to Middletown, Connecticut
1848 – moved to Hartford, Connecticut where he sold a book about his imprisonment, was an agent for the American Mission Society and worked at gun stocking


  1. Henry Clay Work – musical author and composer of Chicago and New York City;
  2. Alanson Work, Jr. – Supt of the Akron Rubber Works, Akron, Ohio
  3. Charles T. Work
  4. Edwin Lovejoy Work



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