Selected Mercer County, Kentucky, Deed Books

The following are extractions from microfilm of original deed books from Mercer County, Kentucky recorded during ongoing research on BEADLES and allied names.

Since these are based on my quick reading of the records, sometimes barely decipherable, you will want to check the original records to make your own interpretation and perhaps to get the other details which I did not copy.

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Bk 5 p 77 3 May 1803

John COCHRAN & Jane, his wife of Mercer Co, KY to Elijah HARLAND for 25 lbs. Lot 7 & part of lot 8 in town of Danville Wit: Thomas FREEMAN (justice of peace); Jeremiah CLEMENS (justice of peace); James HARLAN

Bk 5 p 79 28 Dec 1802

Robert MITCHELL of Mercer Co, KY to Jeremiah BRISCOE & Samuel EWING, who are securities to the legatees of John Berry, dec’d for 100 lbs. 153 acre tract of land on which MITCHELL lives Wit: William McGINNIS; Keziah PADDOX (?)

Bk 5 p 252 24 Oct 1803

John RICHARDSON of Mercer Co, KY to John LATIMORE (may be John RICHARDSON’s brother-in-law) $606 and 1/2 lawful money of the state of KY mortgage of 71 acres of land conveyed by Patrick DORAN in Mercer Co, KY land is on Salt River where the Bige (?) Road crosses the river; land on which John RICHARDSON now lives. If RICHARDSON or his heirs pay $606 and 1/2 with interest before the 1st of June next (1 Jun 1804), sale is void (see Bk 6 p 454) Test: Enoch M.D. SMITH; Isham PREWIT, Junior (may be RICHARDSON’s brother-in-law).

Bk 5 p 340 19 Oct 1804

John BUTLER of Washington Co, KY to William CROWDES of Washington Co, KY for 100 lbs. 83 and ? acres in Mercer Co on Chaplin Fork land description includes “ARNETT’s old line”, James BUTLER’s line Wit: William COOLY; Joseph GRAY; Richard COOLY Signed by John BUTLER and Elinor BUTLER (presumably his wife)

Bk 5 p 342 20 Jul 1804

William ARNETT of Mercer Co, KY to William CROWDES of Washington Co, KY $100 and a quarter 100 acres and a quarter in Mercer Co, KY on waters of Doctors Fork and Chapline River land description includes James BUTLER; Bannister BLACKGRAVE; DORAN; David POTTS; Rice BEADLES Wit: James BUTLER; Ellenor BUTLER; John COULTER (?)

Bk 5 p 473 17 Sep 1805

Elizabeth TOLLY of Mercer Co, KY to Lemuel (Samuel?) WHITESIDE of St. Clair Co, Indiana Territory for $100 Elizabeth TOLLY is “heir at law to John TOLLY, dec’d, my father”

Bk 5 p 518 9 Dec 1805

Alexander G. HOLLAND of Mercer Co, KY for diverse good causes and consideration appoints “my friend” Stephen G. LETCHER, Junior (?) as attorney to sell all lands left me by father George HOLLAND, dec’d in Goochland Co, VA attest: Samuel WOODSON

Bk 5 p 548 20 Sep 1805

David POTTS of Mercer Co, KY to David’s son John POTTS of Mercer Co, KY for 5 shillings and love & affection land in Mercer Co, KY on Doctors Fork on which David lives originally deed from Thomas CRAWFORD (dated 24 Mar 1791; 28 Jun 1791) except for 47 acres deeded to Jeremiah POTTS on 25 Jul 1805 Wit: Isaac Landale (?); Jeremiah POTTS

Bk 5 p 549 25 Jul 1805

David POTTS of Mercer Co, KY to Jeremiah POTTS of Mercer Co, KY (probably David’s son; note that a Jeremiah POTTS married Nancy BEADLES in 1801 in Lincoln Co, KY) for $1 and natural love and affection 47 acres on Doctors Fork in Mercer Co, KY listed in land description: David POTTS’ plantation; William TOLLY; Rice BEADLES wit: Archilbald BILBO; David POTTS, Jr.; Isaac LANSDALE

Bk 6 p 173 17 Apr 1803

Jacob GARSHWILER of Mercer Co, KY mortgage to William OWENS for 35 lbs. land in Mercer Co, KY which Jacob received from father Joseph GARSHWILER, dec’d at death of mother Barbary GARSHWILER, dec’d, which was allotted as dower to mother; where father lived. sale is void if 35 lbs and 5 shillings with interest is paid by 1 June next test: Foushee (?) L. TAYLOR; Charles HENDERSON

Bk 6 p 360 Jan 1807

William ARNETT of Mercer Co, KY to Thomas CRAWFORD of Mercer Co, KY for $500 All lands and all stock, household furniture, plantation utensils and all debts, claims, and lands due to William ARNETT. Also all corn, meat, and flax Wit.: Thomas ROBINSON; Jno. CRAINE, John LITTLE, Richard HOPE

Bk 6 p 472 10 Oct 1807

Joseph GARSHWILER & Elizabeth, his wife of Mercer Co, KY to Jeremiah CLEMENS for 27 lbs & 12 shillings 8 acres and 30 poles in Mercer Co, KY, being the north end of 50 acres from will of late Joseph GARSHWILER, dec’d. land description mentions: Jeremiah CLEMENS; heirs of Abraham GARSHWILER wit: Thomas FREEMAN, John COCHRAN; George BART; Sam CASEY (Note: Elizabeth’s second marriage was to Seaton BEADLES)

Bk 6 p 478 25 Aug 1807

Christian CANARY & wife Barbary of Washington Co, KY to Jeremiah CLEMENS for $102 8 acres and 69 poles near Danville; received by Christian CANARY on behalf of wife Barbary, from late Barbary GASHWILER, dec’d (Barbary CANARY’s mother) Tract is called No. 7. Wit: H. PALMER; Jacob SLAUGHTER; Jesse SMITH; John BIEGLER

Bk 6 p 454 27 Mar 1807

George CALDWELL, Sr. & Isacher (?) PAWLING of Mercer Co, KY, commissioners appointed by the Circuit Court for John RICHARDSON who died with land mortgaged to John LATIMER (see Bk 5 p 252, 24 Oct 1803). 71 acres and 137 poles on Salt River on the main road from Danville to Bardstown for 103 lbs and 10 shillings James SOUTHERLAND purchased lower 1/2 of the land (35 acres and 148 1/2 poles) land description includes: Isaac PRITCHARD; Abner KNOX; DORAN Wit: David COWAN; James DONAGHY

Bk 7 p164 9 Jul 1809 (or 1804?)

Indenture of Elizabeth RICHARDSON, orphan of John RICHARDSON, dec’d., to Garton PETTY. As ordered by the Mercer County Court July 1804 “standard” indentureship: teach to read & write, at end of indenture, pay 3 lbs. 10 shillings & new suit of clothes.

Bk 7 p404 4 May 1810

Jonathan RICHARDSON & his wife Mary of Pulaski Co., KY to George C. THOMPSON of Mercer Co., KY for $400 relinquish right, title, claim, and interest about 1400 acres on Shawnee run. Land is settlement to Diana DENTON as hers at law from John DENTON Particular description of land in patents in the name of Diana DENTON land which Mary RICHARDSON claims as heir at law to John DENTON

Bk 7 p 417

This indenture made this thirteenth day of February one thousand eighteen hundred and ten between Rice BEADLES of Lincoln County, Kentucky of the one part and John CRAIN of the other part witnesseth that for and in consideration of the sum of tow (two?) hundred pounds lawful money of Kentucky to him in hand paid by the said John CRAIN, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged and thereof doth release acquit and discharge said John CRAIN, his heirs executors and administrators, the said Rice Belease (?) hath granted bargained and sold alianced & confirmed by these presents doth grant bargain sell and confirm unto the said John CRAINE and his heirs and assigns forever a certain parcel or tract of land containing one thousand (??) and forty acres and thirty-six poles of land situate lying and being in Mercer County on the Doctors Fork and bounded as follows to wit: Beginning at the mouth of a branch at an ash stump thence up the creek S20poles to 2 beach thence east 41 poles to a small walnut in ARNETT’s line thence north 50 eat 80 poles to a linn hickory dogwood in said line thence north 38 poles to an ash thence west 296 poles with POTTSes line till it intersects with TOLLY’s (?) line thence south 30 west 80 poles to a whiteoak and sugar thence east 223 poles to beginning. and all the estate right and title and interest of the said Rice BEADLES of in and to the said premaces to have and to hold the said 140 (?) acres and 136 poles of land unto the said John CRAINE his heirs and assigns forever and the said Rice Beadles himself his heirs executors administrators and assigns doth hereby warrant and defend the said land….; Test: Banister BLAGRAAVE, David CRAIN, Jacob CROW; Signed by Rice BEADLES

Bk 8 p 125

Harrison TAYLOR of Ohio Co., KY, attorney for Augustine J. SMITH of Fairfax Co, VA heirs of Samuel Ewing dec’d late of Mercer Co, KY: Thomas EWING, Peggy (EWING) McAFEE, Samuel EWING, Betsey (EWING) DURHAM, Catherine EWING, Anne EWING, Rebekah EWING, Polly EWING for $178 429 acres in Mercer Co, KY on the waters of Chapline part of Jesse TAYLOR’s claim of 1750 acres From dogwood & beech corner of Rachel HARBISON in MCBRYERS line; west 420 poles to 2 buckeyes in Robt ROWLAND’s line; N20W160poles to 2 elms black ash corner to Thomas CRAWFORD; N88E464 poles to sugar trees & dogwood in said HARBISON’s line; with same S160 poles to beginning

Bk 8 p 103 16 Aug 1811

Joseph DECKER and Nancy his wife of Harrison Co, Indiana Terr. to Samuel HENRY of Mercer Co, KY 60 acres in Mercer Co on the waters of Beach Fork; Beginning beach & ash in thomas JACKMAN’s line; 37 poles to ash & sugar in SCOTT’s line; E105 poles 2 white oaks corner to John COPELAND; N61 poles 2 sugar trees HENDERSON’s old line; W237 poles beach & sugar corner MORIN?; S24 poles beach & sugar corner JACKMAN’s line; E132 poles to beginning

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