On the way into lunch today, Jeane (volunteer campground host from Michigan) told me Alex (site paleontologist) had rescue kittens that were headed for new homes today.  By the time I got there, two of ’em had been adopted.  I got to play with Ursula and Sally.  Ursala’s feisty and has figured out how to get onto the tables – she was NOT interested in being held. Sally’s a cuddler, happy to lay on her back and purr, although she’s quite excited to play in the paper bag Alex set up with cardboard bracing and peak holes. Ursula went home this afternoon to live with a big kitty (that’ll be interesting!). Sally & mom will be going home soon.

I met Judy, a volunteer in the museum, on the way to the kittens.  She’s from Columbus, and this is her 13th summer at Ghost Ranch.  The museum has a beautiful exhibit of woven creations – rugs, clothing, etc – which think Lloyd and Josiah would enjoy.

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