Warren County, Illinois Presbyterians

1836 – First Presbyterian church of Warren Co., IL,  was organized by Rev. Cyrus Riggs (Schuyler Presbytery in session at Macomb, in 1836) This church afterward took the name of “Fall Creek,”

1837 –  Sept. The Presbyterian church of Monmouth was organized by Rev. L. G. Bell, 16 members all dismissed from First Presbyterian of Warren County. had only occasional supplies of preaching

1838 – Fall. Pastor Organized the Sunday school and remained superintendent until 1840, when he was succeeded by  Rev. Samuel Wilson, who continued until about 1846.

1839 – September. Monmouth Presbyterian’s first pastor was settled. In the meantime services were held by Rev. L. G. Bell (moved to Iowa, remains interred in Monmouth, IL), Rev. Michael Hammer, Rev. James Stafford, Rev. Joseph J. Craig and Rev. W. K. Stewart (d. in Macomb). Met variously in a store-room on the corner of Broadway and the Square, now occupied by the Monmouth National Bank building ; sometimes in a room in the old American House, that stood where Claycomb’s brick block now stands. J. F. Hogue, one of the elders of the church, was proprietor of the hotel. Sometimes in the courthouse.

1839 – Oct. Rev. Samuel Wilson, then at Rushville, was called to become pastor of the united churches of Monmouth and Fall Creek. Installed at meeting in courthouse.

1847 – August 15. Rev. Samuel Wilson died; Church had 67 members.

1842 – Apr 17. Theodore Coburn & his wife deeded the lot & a small brick building was erected

1851 – building taken down because insecure
1851 – Rev. R. C. Matthews invited to preach for 3 months at Monmouth, Fall Creek and North Henderson

1852 – next building erected.

1852 – Mar 20. Called to become pastor of the church, by the acting elders, Robert Grant, James Dickson, Porter Phelps, A. C. Gregg and Hiram Norcross. In December, 1852, he was regularly installed pastor; welcomed 718 members.

1873 – Aug 26. Fall Creek church dissolved by presbytery with consent of congregation of 7 or 8 members.

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