Macomb First Presbyterian 1880 – 1925

1880: (approx. date). Photo of the Session: Rev. S. T. Davis, Harvey L. Ross, Manning H. Case, Jos. E Wyne, Dr.Virgil McDavitt, J H Cummings, W E Withrow, Alexander Blackburn, John McMillan, William Hunter

1891 – July. The building committee for the new building: JH Cummings, GW Bailey, ALBrockway, JW Wyne, Albert Eads; The Methodist Church in Monmouth building cost $33,616.92
1892  – April new church projected to cost $23,000
1893 – Oct 5. Dedication of new building. Cost was $31,000. Arrears on same was $3,500, but paper was subscribed to $3,900 in matter of minutes. (Quincy Whig newspaper)

1902 – June 10 . Rev. J. H. Bratton resigned due to dissatisfaction among members

1925 – Education wing built at cost of $65,000

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