1861 – 1862: Warren, D.D., Rev. Joseph

1809 – Aug 30. born in Brunswick, ME
childhood in London, Merrimack Co., NH
attended Plymouth Academy
apprentice at Statesman newspaper in Concord
returned to Phillips Academy at Exeter
1835 – Lane Theological Seminary, Cincinnati, OH; according to History of Presbyterians in Illinois, he was one of the large body who left Lane over the issue of slavery (I do not find his name associated there, but he apparently did not go to Oberlin with Weld’s group)
finished his studies at Allegheny Seminary; Washington & Jefferson College, Pennsylvania; Theological Seminary of the Presbyterian Church, Allegheny City, PA
1838 – approx. married to Lydia ___
1838 – 1853 – missionary in India with his wife
1841 – birth of son  Charles in India
1844 – birth of son Edward in India
1845 – birth of dau Maggie in India
1850 – sent his 9 year old son Charles to the United States w/John Freeman
1854 – (approx.) Pastor Greensburg, Ind.
1856 – Sept 3. Delivered address at dedication for Oxford Female College, Oxford, Ohio where he was an agent
1856 – wrote A glance backward at fifteen years of missionary life in north India. http://books.google.com/books?id=6mpAAAAAYAAJ
1857 – moved from Greensburg, Ind. to Oxford, Ohio
1859 – Pastor Westminster Presbyterian (O.S.) Quincy, Illinois
1860 – Federal Census of Quincy, Adams County, Illinois w/wife Lydia & children
1861 – Jan – stated supply in Macomb, Illinois
1862 – May 23. Captured near Farmington, Mississippi
1862 – May 26. Commissioned chaplain of 26th Missouri Infantry
1862 – June. Released by Confederate Army
Chaplain of 9th Missouri Volunteers (????)
After fall of Vicksburg, detailed to General Hospital No. 2
1863 – Draft Registration, Macomb, Illinois: Chaplain of 26th Missouri Infantry.
1863 – Draft Registration, Macomb, Illinois: Son Edward in 1st Connecticut Cavalry, Company E.
1864 – June 28. Son Edward dies at Andersonville Prison in Georgia.
1864 – Oct 6. Resigned from 26th Missouri Infantry
General Superintendent of education of freedmen.
Chaplain of 64th US Colored Troops, Col. Samuel Thomas  commanding
General Superintendent of freedmen schools in Mississippi.
1866 – Sept. Pastor at Salem, Illinois
1867 – May 9. Received from Presbytery of Schuyler and installed as pastor at Salem, Illinois.
1869 – death of wife Lydia
1870 – Apr 7. Released by Presbytery from Salem Church
1870 – Federal Census of Flora, Clay County, Illinois as a boarder in an unrelated family.  His surviving children Charles & Maggie were living in Washington, D.C.
1870 – July 2. married Mary Potter in Wabash County, Illinois
1870 – Principal of private academy at Flora, Illinois
1872 – Apr 13. Received members into the Larkinsburg church, Clay County, Illinois.
1872 – Retired
1872 – Oct 23. Left w/wife from New York for India & returned to missionary field at Gualier, India
1877 – March 7. at Futtegurh and Morar until his death at Gualior. Buried in the English Cemetery at Morar, India.

Established the mission press at Allahabad, and superintended it twelve years. Wrote and translated and superintended translations by native assistants.


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