Ewing, Fielding Nathaniel

  • Scots-Irish Presbyterian ancestry; family emigrated from Northern Ireland to PA, then to NC and KY
  • 1811 – born in Statesville, Iredell County, North Carolina, son of Adlai Osborne Ewing and Sophia Goodrich Gillespie
  • attended academy at Elkton, Todd County, Kentucky (probably the one where Rev William K Stewart taught)
  • 1838 – graduatd from University of Tennessee, Nashville
  • 1843 – graudated from Princeton Theological Seminary, NJ
  • 1845 – Oct 28 married Sarah A Powers in Decatur, IL (Sarah was born in NY but joined brother William L Powers in Alabama in 1838 before coming to her brother George Wilson’s in Decatur, IL in 1840.
  • 1845 – first church in Morganfield, Kentucky
  • 1849 – pastor of First Presbyterian Church, Bloomington, Illinois.  The church split during his tenure, reportedly because he preached pro-slavery.  Those who left formed a New School Presbyterian Church, later known as the Second Presbyterian Church of Bloomington.
  • 1852 – Sister Eliza Ewing (1809-1889) and her husband John Turner Stevenson moved from Christian County, Kentucky to Bloomington, Illinois with their son Adlai Ewing Stevenson I (1835-1914)
  • 1859 – retired from pastorate due to problems with his throat and moved to Lake View, Illinois
  • 1862-3 – credited with saving McCormick Theological Seminary by raising funds to finance part of building
  • 1864 – moved to Decatur, Illinois
  • 1880 – died. Funeral at First Presbyterian, Decatur. Rev W W Harsha of Jacsonville, IL offered a prayer; Rev W Priestly and Rev Marshba, Dr Ferris presided

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