1850: Charlotte Bacon, Sely Waling, Jack Welsh, Peter Clarke and Betsey Clarke

The free people of color enumerated in the 1850 Federal Census of McDonough County, Illinois were:

Charlotte Bacon (born about 1790 in Indiana), living w/Joshua & Nancy Hunt & Abby Chernich.  In Feb 1864, Charlotte moved to the almshouse.  She was in poor health and was unable to work. She had “good habits”, as did most of the residents, a few were noted as medium or bad habits. The almshouse register lists Charlotte’s birthplace as Maryland and the date of her death as Feb 5, 1876.

Sely Waling (born about 1790 in Virginia), living w/Westly, Lucina & Rullijan Waling

Jack Welsh or Welch (born about 1825 in Kentucky) living w/McCords, probably near present day Argyle Lake State Park

Peter Clarke and his wife Betsey Clarke (born about  1800 and 1810, respectively, in the state of Tennessee); Peter owned $400 of real estate and was enumerated near near Thomas Hays and the Hardesty families, presumably in the northwest part (Blandinsville?) of McDonough County.

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