Family of Auzie Marshall Beadles, Hickman County, Kentucky

Information provided by Auzie’s descendant, Betty Beadles Smith.
[More about Auzie’s ancestry]

Auzie Marshall Beadles
	born February 12, 1894  died March 16, 1962 
	buried Ray's Cemetery, Hickman County KY 
married Grace Ashlock, born about 1899, died August 7, 1942
	1. Stanley Marshall Beadles born July 10 1920, died April 26, 1972 (con't)
	2. Thelma Lillian Beadles, born about 1922 died August 7, 1942 
	3. Joyce Beadles, born about 1924 
	4. Rena Mae Beadles, died in infancy 
	5. Rayford Beadles, born about 1928
	6. Dorothy Beadles, born about 1932 died ?  
	7. Jewell Berry Beadles,, born about 1934  died August 7, 1942
	8. Loretta Beadles,  born about 1937 

The images are scans of photocopies of photographs.

Auzie Beadles (probably in uniform from WWI?)

Auzie Beadles

Auzie and Grace Beadles
and one of their children

Believed to be Dorothy, Jewell Berry
and Loretta, children of
Auzie and Grace Beadles

Funeral Services Monday For Three of Beadles Family Who Drowned Friday Night

by Docie Jones
the Hickman County Gazette, Clinton, Ky., Thursday Afternoon August 13, 1942

Fulgham (Special) – A tragedy, the like of which this community had never seen occurred on a dark, rainy night, Friday, August 7, at Jackson Chapel. A family of eight had started to cross a bridge over a swollen stream near the church and only a few feet from the Turner Clark store . . . in an instance the bridge collapsed. Three lives were taken and two others narrowly escaped.
The dead are:

Mrs. Auzie M. Beadles, 43
Lillian Beadles, 20
Jewell Berry Beadles, 8

Mr. Beadles and youngest daughter, Loretta, 5 years of age, who was in his arms, were swept by the swift current from the bridge and down the swollen stream but Mr. Beadles was able to save the child and himself.Mr. and Mrs. Auzie M. Beadles and their six children who live within a few yards of Jackson Chapel church started home from the church, after attending a revival meeting on last Friday night. A down pour of rain had fallen a short time before. Since they were walking from the church, they reached the nearby bridge first, while the crowd was rushing to their cars and attempting start. Only a few people saw (by car light) the bridge sink and the four members of the family swept into the stream.

Mr. and Mrs. Beadles, their oldest daughter, Lillian, 20; their youngest son, Jewell Berry, 8; and Loretta, 5; were all carried down by the swift current. Mr. Beadles swam with the baby girl, Loretta, perhaps a hundred yards before he managed to reach the bank. He was unable to rescue his wife, daughter and son, although he could hear their “cries for help.”

The rushing waters carried the bodies down the stream and although an all night search began immediately, with men wading water more than waist deep, holding hand to each other, they were unable to find the body of Mrs. Beadles and Lillian until morning.

About one o’clock Saturday morning, Jewell’s little body was found in some tangled barbed wire against a tree near a ditch in the Will Scot field, something like three quarters of a mile from the scene of the accident.

The body was carried back to the church where an attempt at resuscitation was made. The search continued for the other two bodies.At seven o’clock Saturday morning the bodies of Mrs. Beadles…..

The children crossing the bridge safely were: Joyce, 18; Radford, 16; Dorthy, 10. Another son survives. He is Stanley, 22, of Arizona who is an enlisted man with the Air Force. He arrived Sunday noon, coming by plane as far as Memphis.

Other surviving relatives of Mrs. Beadles are: her father, Jerome Ashlock and step-mother Mrs. Ashlock, who is also an aunt; Two brothers, Earl and Charley Ashlock, Detroit; four half-brothers, James of the Armed Forces in Australia, Raymond, near Water Valley, Howard and Junior, near Mayfield; and one half-sister, Miss Rubine Ashlock, Mayfield.

Funeral rites were held Monday afternoon at Jackson Chapel with their pastor, Rev. S. T. Parham of Wingo officiating.

Music was given by the choir and special numbers by Fred Elliott, Bill Elliot, Smith Stephens and Mrs. Otis Farmer.

Pall bearers were (for Mrs. Beadles) Turner Clark, Lon Kimbell, Hint Bone, Henry Elliott, Goebel Jackson and John Kimbell (for Lillian) – John Wilmon Batts, Gene Cunningham, Roy Collins, Tommy Ward, Lacy Brown and Andrew Stephens, (for Jewell) – Elree Elliott, James Jackson, Howard Jackson and Bobby Griggs.

Flower girls were: Jo Ella Stephens, Ozella Kimbell, Anna Laura Holland, Rosoe Jackson, Dorthy Clark, Marie McClure, Lou Ella Connar, Martha Lee Holland, Sue Clark and Elnora Humphreys.

Jones and Son, undertakers of Martin, Tenn. were in charge.

Interment was in the Ray Cemetery.

Thursday, August 13, 1942
Items from the Note-book of Docie Jones, correspondent for the Hickman County Gazette… FULGHAM.

Sympathy for Beadles Family

….An estimated crows of 11 to 12 hundred people attended the funeral services Monday. Four or five hundred people visited in their home Saturday and Saturday night.

…..Practical help amounting to approximately $500.00 in money was donated. Of this amount, $84.00 came from the employees of the Garment Factory at Fulton where Lillian and Joyce are employed….

Called Here

Pvt. Stanley Beadles of Luke Field, Ariz., Earl Ashlock, Mr. and Mrs. Charley Ashock and children and Mr. and Mrs. Marion Beadles of Detroit were clalled here last weekend by the death of Mrs. Auzie Beadles and her children, Lillie, and Jewell.

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