Spellings Variants & Soundex Codes

  • Beadel
  • Beadell
  • Beadle
  • Beadles
  • Beddall
  • Bedel
  • Bedell
  • Bedells
  • Bedle
  • Beedell
  • Beedle
  • Biddell
  • Biddle
  • Biddles
  • Buddell
  • Buddle
  • Buddles

In 18th and early 19th century records, I have also found the name Beadles spelled as Beagles.

[minus vowels and double letters]
Soundex Code Examples
B-d-l B340 Beadel, Beadell, Beadle, Beddall, Bedel, Bedell, Bedle, Beedell, Beedle, Biddell, Biddle, Buddell, Buddle
B-d-ls B342 Beadles, Bedells, Biddles, Buddles
B-g-l B240 Beagle
B-g-ls B242 Beagles

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