William’s Obituary

Mexican War Veteran

  • Another William BEADLES , was born about 1822 in Mercer Co, KY. He also lived in Fulton Co, IL and then moved to Kansas. The relationship between the two is not known.
  • father Seaton BEADLES apparently from Pittsylvania Co, VA; moved to Mercer Co, KY about 1800 then to Johnson Co, IN about 1828
  • mother Elizabeth WATTS from NC; First marriage to John GARSHWILER in Mercer Co, KY; Second marriage to Seaton BEADLES in Mercer Co, KY
  • discrepancy in marriage in Fulton Co, IL
    • marriage license shows second wife as Mrs. Nancy BEADLES who later married Abiah CLINE
    • pension application and obituary shows second wife as Susan COONTZ who died about 1852
  • eldest daughter Emily BEADLES raised in Johnson Co, IN by TUCKER grandparents
  • apparent daughters Sarah E. & Nancy M. BEADLES raised in Fulton Co, IL by Abiah and Nancy (BEADLES) CLINE

Family Group Sheet for William BEADLES

Note: Not all of this information is from primary sources. According to his obituary, William and his last wife, Cyntha had five dau. and one son. Four dau. are listed by name, but cannot yet be correlated with the children listed in the 1880 census. Also the marriages to Mrs. Nancy Beadles and to Susan Coontz and the children Sarah and Nancy are also not well-documented.

 Husband: William BEADLES
    Born: 26 Nov 1821/1822 in: Danville,Mercer Co,KY                          
    Died: 26/28 May 1906   in: Humboldt,Allen Co,KS                             
  Buried:                  in: Humboldt,Allen Co,KS                 
  Father: Seaton BEADLES
  Mother: Elizabeth WATTS GARSHWILER

  Wife#1: Mary Jane TUCKER
 Married: 02 Sep 1839     in: Johnson Co,IN
    Born:        1820?
    Died: 18 Sep 1842     in: Johnson Co,IN
  Father: Clark TUCKER
  Mother: Unknown
  Wife#2: Mrs. Nancy BEADLES, widow of Anderson BEADLES
    Born:        1819?    in: NY?
 Married: 25 Jun 1848     in: Fulton Co,IL
   Died:                  in:             
  Father: Unknown (Peleg WILCOX?)
  Mother: Unknown

  Wife#3: Susan COONTZ
 Married: abt 1851/1852
    Died: abt 1852/1854  

  Wife#4: Cyntha Ann MARTIN
 Married: 18 Feb 1854     in: Lewis Co,MO
    Born: 12 Oct 1835     in: Quincy,MO
    Died: 07 Oct 1921     in: Muskogee,OK
  Father: B. F. MARTIN
  Mother: Nancy Jane ______

F Child 1 Emily BEADLES
    Born:        1841?    in: IN 
  Spouse: John E. HELMS
 Married: 30 Mar 1860     in: Johnson Co,IN
F Child 2? Sarah Elizabeth BEADLES
    Born: 03 Oct 1848     in: Fulton Co,IL
  Spouse: uncertain-maybe William C. KLINE
F Child 3? Nancy Mathena BEADLES
    Born: 01 Feb 1854     in: Fulton Co, IL
F Child 4 Susan BEADLES
    Born:        1857?    in: MO
  Spouse: Mr. WHITE
          Lived in Rex, Oregon in 1906

F Child 5 Willie M. BEADLES
    Born:        1871?    in: MO
F Child 6 Elva BEADLES
    Born:        1877?    in: MO
F Child 7 Cora Gertrude BEADLES
    Born:        1880?    in: MO
  Spouse: Mr. PARKINS

M Child 8 male BEADLES
    Born:    unknown
    Died:  Bef 1906

F Child 9 Louella BEADLES 
    Born:    unk
    Died:  aft 1906
  Spouse: Mr. O'BRIEN
          Lived in Walcott, Wyoming in 1906

F Child 10 Eva BEADLES
    Born:    unk
    Died:   aft 1906
  Spouse:  Mr. WILLIAMS
           Lived at Iola, Kansas in 1906


  1. Marriage, Probate, Guardianship Records of appropriate counties
  2. Pension File for William BEADLES obtained from National Archives
  3. Federal Census Records
  4. DAR books for Johnson Co, IN
  5. Obituary of William BEADLES


  • Mercer Co,KY
    • 1822 birth
    • 1841 returned to Kentucky (briefly) (obituary)
  • Johnson Co,IN
    • 1830 Federal Census reported under mother Elizabeth
    • 1839 marriage
    • 1840 Federal Census reported under mother Elizabeth
    • 1842 death of wife Mary Jane
  • Fulton Co,IL
    • 1846 enlisted Co. K, 4th IL Volunteers, Mexican War
    • 1847 Pt. Isabel, MEXICO discharged due to disability
    • 1848 marriage
    • 1850 Federal Census
  • Lewis Co,MO
    • 1854 marriage
    • 1860 Federal Census
  • Marion Co,MO
    • 1880 Federal Census of town of Philadelphia
  • Franklin Co, KS
    • 1887 military pension application in Pomona
    • 1894 military pension application in Richmond
  • Allen Co, KS
    • 1902 pension application in Humboldt
    • 1906 death in Humboldt

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