James P. Beadles of Kentucky and Indiana

Husband: James P. BEADLES

  Born: BET. 1800 - 1810    at: KY
  Mar:                      at:      
  Died:                     at:    
  Father: possibly Seaton BEADLES 
  Mother: possibly Sarah PENDLETON         
  Other Spouses:  none known
  Residence: Mercer Co., KY, Johnson Co., IN, possibly Coles Co., IL

Wife: Ellen  __________ (possibly Byers)

  Born: BET. 1810 - 1815 at: KY     
  Died:                  at:    
  Father: [unknown]
  Mother: [unknown]
  Other Spouses: none known


1. Richard BEADLES 
   Born:   ABT. 1832      at: IN
   Mar:  29 Nov 1866      at: Coles Co., IL 
   Died: 16 NOV 1907      at: Coles Co., IL
   Spouses: possibly Mrs. Sarah C. (LEE) BEAR 
   Residence: Johnson Co., IN, Coles Co., IL, Crawford Co., AR
   Military Service: Civil War: 54 Illinois Infantry, Company K

2. William BEADLES 
   Born:   ABT. 1833      at: IN
   Mar:                   at:  
   Died:                  at:   
   Residence: Johnson Co., IN

3. Polly A. BEADLES 
   Born:   ABT. 1835      at: IN  
   Mar:    ABT. 1852      at: probably Indiana
   Died:                  at:   
   Spouses: Robert RAGSDALE
   Residence: Johnson Co., IN

4. Martha BEADLES 
   Born:   ABT. 1837      at: IN  
   Mar:         1857      at: Johnson Co., IN     
   Died:  7 Nov 1930      at: Indianapolis, IN  
   Spouses: John LAKE, Robert S. PARKHURST
   Residence: Johnson Co., IN

5. Thomas Jefferson BEADLES 
   Born:  20 APR 1840     at: IN  
   Mar:    4 OCT 1870     at: Johnson Co., IN  
   Died:   2 FEB 1905     at: Hensley Twp, Johnson Co., IN
   Spouses: Susan Elizabeth J. "Lizzie" VANDIVER 
   Residence: Johnson Co., IN

6. Sarah BEADLES 
   Born:    ABT. 1843     at: IN
   Mar:     1875 ?        at: Coles County, IL ?     
   Died:                  at:   
   Spouses: possibly Charles F. Myers in 1875
   Residence: Johnson Co., IN

7. George F. BEADLES 
   Born:   1 JUN 1847       at: Johnson Co., IN  
   Mar:   12 JAN 1869       at: Boone Co., IN     
   Died:  18 JUL 1894       at: Lebanon, Boone Co., IN  
   Spouses: Amanda SIX or SICKS
   Residence: Johnson Co., IN, Coles Co., IL, Boone Co., IL
   Military Service: Civil War: 59 Illinois Infantry, Company H

8. Melissa Jane BEADLES 
   Born:   6 OCT 1848        at: IN  
   Mar:   17 APR 1867        at: Coles Co., IL     
   Died:  23 APR 1879        at: Mattoon, Coles Co., IL of consumption
   Burial: Adkins-Woodson Cemetery, Charleston Twp, Coles Co., IL
   Spouses: Daniel Marion PARKER (1843-1879)
   Residence: Johnson Co., IN, Coles Co., IL

If you have additional information on these people, please write. I have additional material and references not provided here.

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