Including variations in spelling, such as: BEDEL, BEDELL, BEADLE, BEEDLE, BEEDLES, etc.

Spelling Variants & Soundex Codes

Origin and meaning of the surname & some early Bedels

Early Immigration to the USA

Some of the first of the name to reach the USA [nearly 180 years before it was the USA] were John & Gabriel Bedell who came to the New World in 1608 as part of the Virginia Company’s “Second Supply” under Captain John Smith. They accompanied him on his voyage of exploration along the New England coast. Their sister, Dorothy, married second Roger Wingate of London, who became Treasurer to the Colony. [Ref provided by Betty Ralph:The Journal of Heraldic and Genealogical Studies published in Northgate, Canterbury, Kent England, Vol. 14, New Series 90, January 1988]

In 1636…..

Capt Thomas Willoughby received 20 acres on the Elizabeth River  for transporting 4 persons, including Jno. Beadle.
Richard Cocke received 3000 acres in Henrico County for transporting 60 persons , including John Beadell and John West. [pp 185-187, Abstracts of Virginia Land patents, Virginia magazine of history and biography, Vol 6, July 1898]

Beadles-Freiley Reunion

Family Histories

References to BEADLES

Well-known Beadles & Bedells

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