Why the Affluent Need the Poor

Judy Wu Dominick

Matthew 25 is “a lifestyle that reflects a heart for marginalized people – a heart that overcomes the prejudices that society conditions us to have and then loves with extravagance the people whom the dominant society would rather throw or lock away.”

To do it well, we must constantly repent of our own racial and socioeconomic preferences, sensibilities, and prejudices, and be counter-cultural.

“We would rather write a check to a charity than rearrange our lives for people with complex problems. …. But it won’t change you because it’s too remote. Because there’s no relationship, there’s no exchange, no mutuality, and no reverse impact.”

Stark contrast  boredom and existential crises vs. actual crises. Paradox: strengthens the faith and courage of the poor vs provoke doubt, fear, and cynicism among affluent.

Different paradigms:

  • charity (retains your power and you as hero; predictable, manageable; transactional). Give money, food, clothing a few times a year
  • incarnational (lay your power down, relational, Christ is hero; uncomfortable, unpredictable, inconvenient). Enter stories, identify w/struggles.

Do you say “That’s too hard. I don’t want to do this again.” Or make a commitment, over time, strength, stamina, look forward to it.  You don’t have to know where to start – just pray. God will answer.

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