Theology clarifications

Why Hipster Pastor Nadia Bolz-Weber Thinks the Church Is for Losers

  • …right relationship with God…..just standing naked in front of our Creator and receiving the love as broken people.
  • …I’ve just become more and more confused about how Christianity became what it is today, given how it started…. It didn’t start with the religious authorities….with the people for whom life was easy,…. It started with rank fishermen and prostitutes and tax collectors — people for whom life wasn’t easy…that’s whom Jesus chose to surround himself with.
  • Being punished for your sins implies that … God has this score sheet, … God’s going to make some horrible thing happen to you…. We do it to ourselves. …. We create our own hell.
  • Grace actually feels … totally powerless — no power — no agency — feels terrible….we reject it over and over.  You know — working on my own little redemption project over here. I’m gonna see how that pans out.”
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