Quantum Leaps and Silly Distractions

And it happens any way.  Any way.  The arch of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.  How do I immerse myself in that reality?  How do I turn my back on the insanity?

So,  today it was proclaimed that if rain can’t happen in a church building, it’s so very much safer to sleep on the street. Or in a car. Or on someone’s floor.  Or in a trailer lit with candles.  Or where fires keeping breaking out?  Can you see me now?  The closing of one door opens the way for another.

Some of the most Christ-centered witnesses I’ve ever heard was gifted to us tonight.  Many nights I go home and sit on my bed and cry, because I don’t know how these kids get up in the morning.  I want to work with these kids, but they come from a very different place than I do, and I’ve recognized that I have to change, and I want to do that.  Teenagers, mainstreamed, who cannot read. Keeping the future attorney focused on his goals. Redirecting negative energy into leadership and role modeling.  Identifying the spaces in which a challenging kid softens up.  Helping them learn what I learned from my mistakes, so they don’t have it quite so hard. Haircuts that open transformation.

A simple “no” to the rule “gotta have shoes”. A quiet tolerance for interruption after interruption. A unanimous vote to accept a much-needed gift. A huge gift.  The long, slow process of staying focused on a very important goal. Not being sidetracked by things on the sides.  Visioning the new world and sticking with it.

So despite my inability to hold the tide back, despite my inability to be the savior, the kingdom of God is breaking out everywhere. Everywhere.

So… how do I keep on going on?  Where’s the cord I can’t seem to locate?




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