H. A. R. D. Goals

  • Heartful – deeply felt, impossible to walk away (is it possible to create deep emotional attachment?  Is this the premise of feeding one’s Holy Discontent?)
  • Animated – visualized, alive in the brain, able to paint a picture over & over. (That the people may live.)
  • Required – death is the alternative to achieving the goal’ urgent, bordering on obsessive
  • Difficult – challenge is an absolute requirement, there is no path, no preconceived plan; fearful territory; must learn new skills

“When your brain is humming with a HARD goal, everything you need to run with it will fall into place”.


  • Depth of interaction with emotion
  • Lack of practice of visualization
  • If death is alternative, fear of failure may be magnified -> incorporate Bell’s let go of the outcome
  • N/S T/F J/P – alone vs together

Can SMART goals (Specific – Measurable – Achievable – Relevant – Timed) connect with HARD goals?

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