Musings for the day

I found myself this morning once again hoping that today’s News was just a bad dream – that I wasn’t actually awake yet.

Do remember the columns on your first grade report card?  The one entitled “Plays well with others”?  When did failing in the “plays well with others” category  Since when did “not playing well with others” become something to strive for?  A platform on which to succeed in politics? Sen. Richard Lugar, known for his willingness to dialogue, to cross the aisle, to seek common ground, lost his primary bid, BECAUSE of his willingness play well with others.

I guess that explains why there’s a proposal to slash social supports and divert the “savings” to the military.  When you don’t play well with others, you’d best be prepared with the biggest weapon you can find.  Too bad we’re electing people who think fear and intimidation and not playing well with others will save us.  Why not try something different for a change? Perhaps we could find something in Rob Bell’s Love Wins?

“Because sometimes we need to drop what we’re doing, step out of our routine, breathe in some fresh air, and be reminded that we signed up for a revolution.” (Rob Bell, quoted in Bare Feet & Dolphins).

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