When Ezekiel is the Prophet

Ezekiel.  The bizarre one.  The one that doesn’t make sense. Illogical. What’s it like when Ezekiel is your prophet?

When your basis is steeped in…  Was it oppression or theft? Was it murder or self-preservation?  Was it punishment & justice or just more murders?  The answers depend by your frame, your paradigm, your world view…. What’s God’s paradigm?  Where is the Kingdom of God in all of this violence and self-interest?

Can these bones live?  Loooorrrrrddddd,  YOU know.  ‘Cause I sure don’t have a clue…..  I don’t have a clue why we are here….what our purpose is…. But Ezekiel offered hope when there was absolutely NO humanly logical reason for hope. None.  Ezekiel exemplifies God’s faithfulness despite us, in spite of us.

Listen closely….listen for the whisper of the Lord.  Richard Rohr suggests Ezekiel is the one who introduced us to restorative justice, Ezekiel was the one who revealed the radical grace of the gospel.  HOW COOL IS THAT???????

We don’t deserve to be saved, we haven’t earned it.  Because we can’t earn.  Transformation is an OUTPUT. The input is the grace of God. Transformation always comes AFTER.  God will use anyone….even the broken, especially the broken.

In the meantime, listen to the whispers that float in the quiet corners, hiding in the dark, too vulnerable to be on the center stage.

  • when I was lost, you offered guidance
  • when I was homelessness, you worked with me to find a home
  • when I was hurt, you came to my aid
  • when I had no friends, you became my friends
  • when I was hungry, you fed me
  • when I was in prison, you visited me
  • when I was without clothes, you provided me with clothes
  • when I was grieving, you comforted me

Matthew 25 is happening. Any way. ANY WAY In spite of.  Until the next phone call… the reminder that Ezekiel is still the prophet of the day.

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