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Dear Young(ish) Mainline Pastor Type People: Please Plant a ChurchLandon Whittsit highlights the disconnect between wanting to do crazy, radical, new church, by bucking the system and expecting the existing system to pay for it.  True. The flip side of the disconnect: being surprised when those same crazy radicals balk at ponying up to maintain an existing system as is. Where is middle ground?

Further thoughts on my “plant a church” post
Landon again, quoting Jones from Practices of a New Jesus Movement. Hospitality, nurture, fringe focus, with-not-to, micro-business, simplicity, rehabilitation. GRACE. Wow. GRACE. Wonderful stuff. How did these wish dreams become so central for so many ? Without just copying each other. Because we are not just copying…. Our dreams include significant differences (opposites?) from some existing systems.  Where is middle ground?

Plant a church but don’t do it alone
More from Landon. (Does his writing resonate for me because he’s Presby? because he’s post-modern? because he follows Godin & Gladwell?) Find partners: “nobody ‘owns’ their whole call. I only have a piece of what I am called to do”. Community. With anyone.

Thoughts on Being Church
Ray Jones this time, with questions I don’t want to hear let alone respond. “How are you sharing the gospel with the people around you and serving your community? What will need to change in your life to enter more completely into God’s call?”

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