Lectionary Puzzle

Today’s lectionary from Acts 2 (& the similar bit from Acts 4) are my assignments this month by the Benedictines.  And Acts 2 was today’s focus – read in 2 worship services and 3 times in class……. So I’ve been working out a thousand ways to temper what Acts 2 calls for and asking why I Peter is in the lectionary today is one of my diversions :-)   

Psalm 23.  The solace for a kid with night terrors; at least one way to have less brain cells focused on the monsters under the bed.

Acts 2 – The radical lifestyle of the first witnesses to the resurrection – radical equality & abundance; solace in community.

John 10 – Sheep recognize the true shepherd & run from the stranger (that thief that comes to steal & kill & destroy); solace in following the light.

And then there’s I Peter’s “accept the crap & keep your mouth shut”. Really?  Where’s the solace in that?

So, ok, little lambs, which words are those of your true shepherd & which are the words of the thief  & destroyer? Is this a riddle planted by the lectionarians?

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